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Unique outdoor fun

You've been tasked to investigate the "State Library" case.
Gather your friends and follow in the footsteps of a detective.
Use the map to visit locations, use the evidence and your detective skills to find answers.

In the heart of Melbourne
Fun for locals and tourists, there's something to discover for everyone.

Teamwork required
Work together with friends, family or colleagues to solve this case.

Challenging and fun
Combining a variety of challenges with a fun experience.

At a glance

  • Visit some of Melbourne's most beautiful locations
  • Use the evidence and clues provided to find answers
  • Check your answers online and solve the case
  • Learn about the history of Melbourne's iconic laneways, buildings and its founding

City discovery

Discover Melbourne's iconic places and solve challenges

Team size 2-6

Play with friends and family or make it a team building event

Fully self-guided

No booking required, buy the game and play when it suits you

Fun for 2+ hours

Stop as many times as you'd like, or continue on a different day

Age 18+ recommended

Our games are best suited for anyone aged 18 and over

Smartphone required

Log in, check your answers and get hints

Form a team, get the game and solve the case

1Form a team and buy the game
Form a team of up to 6 people and buy City Discovery here.
You'll receive a confirmation email and we'll send you the City Discovery file using AusPost.
Meet at the State Library of Victoria, open the case file and read the instructions.
Log in using the unique game code and listen to detective Delictus explaining how the game works.
Follow the route on the map to visit the highlighted locations.
At each location you'll need to investigate the case documents, and your surroundings, to find answers.

Check your answers online and solve this case.

Discover Melbourne and use your detective skills

City Discovery is a physical case file and includes:

  • Instructions
  • City Map
  • Clues & Evidence
  • Answer Sheet
  • Unique Game Code
  • 1
    Start at the State Library and follow the instructions
  • 2
    Follow the route on the map to visit marked locations
  • 3
    At each location, use the case documents and your surroundings to find answers
  • 4
    Check your answers online to see if you've solved the case

To play City Discovery, the following is required:

  • Basic fitness level
  • Pen or pencil
  • Charged iOS or Android smartphone with internet

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City Discovery

Difficulty: Moderate
Game Time: 2+ hours
Team Size: 2-6 people

A self-guided outdoor "escape room", played in Melbourne CBD.

Your team follows in the footsteps of a detective and needs to discover the city to solve a crime case.

  • Paper based, play whenever suits you
  • 2+ Hours of discovering, challenges and fun
  • Learn about Melbourne and its iconic places

Only $45 per team

Team Building

Difficulty: Moderate
Game Time: 2+ hours
Team Size: 2-20 people

Want to do something fun, social and active with your colleagues?

Try one of our outdoor escape rooms as your next team building activity!

  • Suitable for 2 to many teams
  • Make it a competition between teams
  • We'll find a day and time that suits you

Price based on total number of players

Online Escape Rooms

Difficulty: Any
Game Time: 60 mins
Team Size: 2-6 people

Try one of our unique online escape rooms. Offering 3 difficulty levels to choose from, play whenever suits you.

Help the detective save the city or help Ben rob a bank.

  • Already played by over 35,000 people
  • Perfect for both beginners and experts
  • Play any time that suits you

Only $45 per team

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We recommend 1 case file for up to 6 people. If your group is larger, it's best to get another case file. With multiple groups you can even think about a little competition...

The total distance is less than 5km and you can make as many stops as you'd like. There is no time limit, so feel free to continue another day. You've got 14 days to complete the game after logging in.

The game takes place in Melbourne's city centre, in the middle of the city, between Victoria Street and Flinders Street.

Yes, you'll need your phone to get clues, check your answers and whenever you need a hint.

No, the game isn't a race for the best time. Instead, without a time limit you're more likely to enjoy discovering Melbourne.

If you're stuck, need help or can't reach a location, the Melbourne Police Department can help you out. Simply log in with your unique game code to request a hint.

Detective cases still need to be solved in the rain. But we understand you'd rather see Melbourne with a bit of sunshine.
After logging in with your game code, you've got 14 days to complete it. Surely there must be a bit of sunshine in that time!?

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